The Higher Your Bill, The Bigger The Savings!

Do you hate buying prepaid meter cards or you hate buying diesel for your generator? Today might be time to invest in a solar energy system for your home or business. Here’s why: when you go solar with Epower Solar, you immediately cut back on monthly utility costs and start reducing your carbon footprint. From saving money to saving the planet, the benefits of going solar are more than worth the investment.
Lower Electricity Cost
In the past decade, residential electricity costs have steadily increased, and they’re not slowing down. The average NIGERIA residential electricity price is expected to rise more than 10% annually over the coming years. Solar panel systems in Lagos Nigeria deliver fixed cost energy and incredible savings on your monthly energy bill.
Protect The Environment and Reduce Noise Pollution
Five out of 10 houses in Lagos Nigeria uses a Generator to power their houses. Now we can put and end to this Camping method. We want to reduce the noise in your estate or house. By going solar you are protecting the Environment.
Invest In The Future
Not only does switching to solar energy offer immediate savings on your utility bill, but it also provides peace of mind knowing that your monthly rate won’t fluctuate with unpredictable increases down the road. Fixed energy costs allow you to plan for your future
Increase Property Value
As Lagos Nigeria homebuyers become more educated about solar energy, the demand for properties equipped with high-quality systems will continue to grow. A new study shows that the sales price of the average home increased more than17% with solar panels vs. homes without. LightUp Lagos has endorsed Solar Power.
Great ROI
Due to zero fuel needed to power solar, the average household in Lagos Nigeria pays off its solar energy system in seven to eight years. They can also expect a 400% return on investment over 5 years.
Solar Storage Battery
Installing a solar battery as part of your home or commercial solar energy system allows you to store all of the electricity your panels produce and use it at night to run your Air-condition and other home appliances.

Take Control of Your Energy Future

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